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Success Stories

June 29. 2018

Thousand Islands Boat Museum

Announced at 1000 Islands CDC Annual General Meeting

We are proud partners in the development and growth of the Thousand Islands Boat Museum. With approximately $700,000 of Eastern Ontario Development Fund support invested to date it is our firm belief that this attraction will become a major tourism draw for many years to come. The highlight of this facility will be a state-of-the-art boathouse set to be unveiled in the summer of 2019. While an architectural wonder unto itself, this beautiful structure will protect the many spectacular and historically significant watercraft that will be on display for all to see and enjoy. Total public and private investment towards the boathouse and the entire museum will have exceeded $4,000,000 upon completion.


$700,000 Over

Seven Years


New Multi-Million

Dollar Tourism




Fifty Direct &

Indirect Jobs







Celebration Of

Local Heritage

And St. Lawrence

River History