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Success Stories

April 21, 2018

Rockport Customs Restoration

Announced at Project Kick-Off Celebration in Rockport

For almost ten years a team of dedicated volunteers has been working towards securing this property so that it may finally restore the building and grounds to their former glory. Early in 2018 an agreement was reached between the federal, provincial and local governments to transfer ownership to the municipality in order that rejuvenation efforts may proceed. A not-for-profit group has been established to oversee all efforts, including raising the $500,000 necessary to complete the project. We are proud to contribute $100,000 to assist with this work and we very much look forward to the property unveiling in the summer of 2019.


$100,000 Towards

Overall $500,000

Fundraising Effort


New Tourism

Attraction Established


Beautification Of


Location In Village






Celebration Of

Local Heritage

And St. Lawrence

River History